Legacy of Loving One Another

Legacy of Loving One Another (20 Januari 2019)

Full justice is the purest understanding to enable man to truly fulfill the legacy of loving one another.

Juan Karnadi
Legacy of Loving One Another

Mostly, what we are doing is a contrary from what we are saying. Though many do little to promote the finest avail of living, worry must be daunted and conquered by literal sense of care lovingly. And the courage shall prevail against the evil legacy with full justice. Thus is the purest understanding to enable man to fulfill the legacy of loving one another.

Volunteering, Enhancing Harmony

In any doing, harmony is to be established firstly beyond all the objects in gentleness. Because people might highly tend to wander themselves in anxiety instead of doing something right. Imagine what the progress of race would have been had we heaved ourselves and remained in objection. Not to mention the privileged ones who are deliberately intending to spoil the human being through cruelty yet disorder too. Even so, there has to be a proper manner to counter and fully prevail against those bad all.

Volunteering does simply enter every aspect of living. It can entirely arouse the awareness to guard the thought, word, and deed correspondingly to the most genuine one. Also, volunteering has an avail to maintain the fulfillment among the three mentioned above in balance collectively. Not only does it apparently enhance such harmony, volunteering can truly enable us to acquire right preference of prime life’s importance. Instead of asking for granted, doing kindness is the foremost one. How come?

Legacy of Loving One Another

Alright. Let’s take a leaf from an inspiring exemplary. It came from a married couple in Jonggol: Enny Bonaventura and Lugi Riyandi. They started their journey of volunteering from free lending incubator activity in Indonesia. Later, after having involved themselves a lot in the activity, they had more yet further understanding the real meaning of doing kindness. And there, they began to freely lend the crutch and wheelchair as well. Their dedication is just beyond the worldly measure. As the outcome is pretty obvious: plenty of people with disabilities have their hardship relieved from the worry of not having affordable fund to own a walking aid.

Here is another instance from a friend. Her name is Thika. She told me her story of what she and her fellows did in Sumedang two months ago. They came into an idea to fund and build the drainage on a village. And they needed come to the village to help and work with the people there to fulfill it. Yet, they had to last for the colder air in the dawn in the middle of the trip due to the burst tires on the bus. Besides, they witnessed the elderly people house’s environment that was far from feasible. Still, for Thika, it was challenging, but made her happy to deliver an impact to the surroundings. The other evidence is Sedekah Buku Indonesia, in which it was initiated with an aim to engage the society not to waste but donate the idle books and educative tools too.

Higher Potential, Higher Commitment

True Gain

We may have realized that desires are widely growing and multiplying in various circumstances. However, the manner is to be approached properly and promoted along with effortful encouragement. The objective is to fully provide man the positivity and drastically get rid of insignificant desires. And putting him towards the reality is the truest way to rise the sense of belonging to the universe and all its existences. It is because higher potential does always follow with higher commitment.

I want to share the recent step I have made for Sedekah Buku Indonesia community. A strong intention led me to widely share and willingly fulfill the legacy of loving one another by doing kindness. And suddenly, an idea came into my mind to make it happen: engaging any institution to involve itself in every running project. Thereafter, I made several approaches to some boards through their staff whom I have known well. It is said that if we are doing the good, then someday it will come back to us in an inexplicable way. And they warmly welcomed the offer in the same frequency.

Also, thus emerged an effort from my former teacher to influence the importance of well-being. Her vision is to emphasize the pupils of having manners yet empathy. And her determination is very noble by preaching the right attitude and telling it over and over again (i.e. respecting and listening to one another; not throwing suicide jokes). Rather, she often had to handle the objection from the student themselves. But she did bear it all in patience, put the frustration aside. It is for the sake to bring forth an emphatic humanity.

Time to fulfill the legacy of loving one another

Mr. Candra has literally become a leading exemplary to everyone else. By establishing the X Bank, a non-profit community for former workers of any financial agency, he wanted to imbue all the people not to entertain themselves in usury. The meaning is that worldly-minded demands only destruct the mankind horribly; also corrupt mind sorely. Reluctance would inevitably linger. But on the contrary, Mr. Candra would rather the X Bank had widely expanded its existence. It later turned out to be plenty of opportunities to gather and exchange ideas with every worker from various agencies. Again, higher potential, higher commitment. May we ponder what we have done to one another.

Don’t Be The Plaything of Circumstances

Enough to seek for worldly pleasure! We are accustomed to pursuing interest only for self, not anyone else. Moreover, one is spoiling himself unawares into the fuss. The more the fuss is, the more we are losing ourselves, our way to nowhere. And the more the earth is suffering too.

There, we keep urging, and urging for our rights. We have been doing it overly as if others were not suffering as well. That is not true. As justice is not only about witnessing the misery, but not to step on others nor ruin things along the way. So, what is the use of blaming and accusing then?

Don’t be the plaything of circumstances! Because life is not only about winning every object but rather having open heart. All is to welcome the brand-new yet broader outlook, not to be surged in the worldly measure. And it is high time we dared near ourselves to do kindness. Then, the outcome of doing kindness is rather the understanding and courage of loving one another. It is the right meaning of the legacy of loving one another.

Keep loving one another.

Juan Karnadi
Faculty of Engineering
University of Indonesia

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